Introducing blockchain to Nigeria won’t require literally all of their electricity.

This post isn’t a revelation in any sense but I’m writing it anyway as a useful pointer for a somewhat frequent misconception and criticism regarding the resources required to deploy and run a blockchain. …

Presentation software should not allow font sizes smaller than 12 point. But really 20 point. Also, no bulleted lists. No clip art. No Times, no Times New Roman, no Georgia, no serif fonts at all. But serif fonts are easier for people to read, you heard from someone once. Why…

Standard, perfunctory photo of code for when you need an image and don’t really have anything else.

Another step in building community and busting silos in the Maker movement.

tl;dr: Check out the repo.

Earlier this year (prior to my departure and sadly before closing shop) the World Bank Innovation Labs to start contributing to the global Maker movement. Our other colleagues in the Bank had started down this path already: sponsoring prizes during the 2014 Fab10 conference and…

Structured data, integrated response

A technical training in Khost, Afghanistan.

*The following is reposted from the Ushahidi blog, with minor edits.*

The photograph above was taken earlier this year at a training session in Khost, Afghanistan, introducing community leaders and elders to how they can interact with and benefit from a new Ushahidi instance developed to track the status of…


Interested in the intersection of Natural Language Processing and the humanities.

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